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                                                Annie Upcoming Dates and Information

Updated copy email  3:32 pm November 9




I understand that we should have some wind and rain before show time, but nothing severe. The hourly forecast shows a break between 7-9. Let's hope that is accurate. Regardless, we are done by 8 pm and should be fine. Please drop off the students on time, in complete hair, makeup, and costumes, neat and dry, at 6:20 pm.



I am looking at this as a blessing- the children can sleep and rest up with no school -  and by the time it is showtime- the storm will have safely passed. If not, I will make sure to update you accordingly. 


As of now, both shows are on! 




SCHEDULE - call time, costumes etc

(Updated  copy of email Sunday, Nov 6th)


Reminders for this week:


Arrival time and Preparations are Important.

Please do everything you can to be on time. We have a very difficult job getting the students ready for each performance. It is important they come to us with enough time for us to warm them up, settle them down, and give them all the information they need. They also need time to do their pre-show jobs. Being on time and in complete costume allows them to come on stage calm, confident, and ready to give their best performance.


Monday---Closed rehearsal- 4:30-6:30 *No Costumes


Tuesday - Unless your child is a CDS student who I will be picking up after school---- you have their costume. CDS students with me Tuesday need to wear those black under their uniforms to school. *Please see below for additional costume information.


TUESDAY- TWO SHOWS - Students arrive at 4:30 and leave at 8:00 pm- Do not expect to see your child between the two shows- unlike the show nights they will not be coming out to their fans! There will be no time- this is a dress rehearsal, and you are getting a sneak peek. Save the grand greetings for the rest of the week. Students will stay with us after the 5:30 show, and we will feed them. If they have special needs or don't enjoy subs-- be sure to pack them something extra. 


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: Arrive at 6:20 pm-- Pick up at 8:00 pm

Everyone shows up in complete Costume. (Each evening they will wear their costumes home)


Students must stay with us until dismissed

At the end of each performance, I will ask the student to sit on stage and wait for the audience to clear the theatre. Please leave the theatre quickly. The students have jobs and checklists to complete before they leave, and they should not be distracted. Please support us in teaching these important professional and valuable life skills. This should only take about five minutes, some of the older students may need up to ten minutes at the most. At that time we would love for you to surprise them and greet them like broadway stars as we release them through the theatre and out to the cafeteria. Applaud, scream their names, take pictures- give them hugs and/or flowers. Photo ops in front of the Sears Studio sign. Trust me every one of them deserves the attention of the stars! They have been such a great cast to work with! We are so proud of each and every one of them. 



Tuesday-Thursday students come to us wearing their costumes with blacks under (please do not send them in street clothing carrying the costume). Hair should be neat and pulled off the face. Any headscarves should be heavily bobby pinned. Girls should have a little blush and light color on their lips. Older students are welcome to do complete makeup (but nothing heavy and no glitter or shimmer please) Please help to keep the costumes neat, clean, and pressed. Obviously, the Orphans can look a little disheveled, but no one should have a wrinkled-up ball. We ask them not to eat in costume.


Photos and Video after the show- 

We will share a link to free professional photos, and you will be able to download as many as you like. So please do not bring devices. There will also be a legal "educational" video link to view. We are using condenser mics to boost the energy in the room for the first time, and I think you will be thrilled with the outcome. However, a room that was small and filled with cell phones could disrupt our plan. If you do bring them in-- please be prepared to turn them off.



We are almost sold out of our three performances. Tuesday Dress Rehearsals: The majority of tickets went to the 5:30 performance. There are several open seats for the 7:00 pm performance, and you are welcome to reserve additional seats for that evening. First come first serve. 

*PLEASE BE PREPARED TO PICK UP AT 8:00 PM Shownights, we will do our best to get them out to you at that time. Each evening could be a bit unpredictable, but it should be very close to 8:00 pm.








Saturday, November 5th 

Mandatory Rehearsal

12:00 pm- 6:00 pm

*Students will wear their costumes home and must show up in them ready to perform for Dress Rehearsal Tuesday AND for each performance night.


Please contact me if you are a CDS parent and your child can not be picked up after school on Tuesday before rehearsal.

I will arrange to keep their costume at the school for Tuesday's dress. After that, each student is responsible to show up in their costume for all performances.


Monday, November 7th-

Closed rehearsal- 4:30-6:30

*No Costumes

Tuesday, November 8th Dress rehearsal/Performances

Drop off at 4:30 pm in complete costume

 - 2 free tickets per performer -per performance

*Please understand these are "rehearsals" 2 tickets only! This will allow us to stop as needed and also leave room for our photographers.

Performances:  5:30 pm  AND  7:00 pm

*Emma performs as Annie at 5:30 pm.      Waverly performs as Annie at 7:00 pm 

*Student pick up at 8:00 pm

*Students will have a light dinner break between shows.

We will provide subs and chips. Please pack something if your child has food allergies or special needs.


November 9, 10 and 11

7:00 pm

Tickets $7.00

Advance online sales only!

*Emma as Annie November 9 and 11.   Waverly as Annie November 10

                                            We expect the students will come to the theatre in complete costume at 6:20 pm.  

The Students will be expected to arrive each night in complete costumes, hair, and makeup as needed on time and ready to perform. 

COSTUMES and Makeup

We will provide costumes for the students. If we need anything beyond the shoes, we will let you know. Students must wear a thin black tank top (no t-shirts) and thin black shorts under the costumes. There should be no need to change in private.  On Saturday, Nov. 5th, Students will wear their thin blacks to the rehearsal that day and wear home their costumes. Please take a photo so you know how the costume should look each night. They will be expected to arrive in it for each performance -with hair and makeup ready to go. Girls should wear light basic makeup with blush and natural color on the lips, and light eye makeup is fine but with no glitter! Please be sure the costumes are kept neat and clean.


NO tennis shoes on stage. All girls need black flats or mary Jane. Boys need black dress shoes.


*Black shoes and thin black undergarments are standard for almost all our performances. 


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