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Lake Seminole Presbyterian Church

Smead Hall

8505 113th St, Seminole, FL 33772

Contact Cell Phone 727-481-1189



Please drop off and pick up students on the East side of the Church Hall. The front doors will most likely be locked most of the day. Doors will open at 8:00 a.m. Students must not be left unattended prior to doors opening at 8:00 a.m. Students dropped off after the initial 8:00 a.m. time must be walked into the building by an adult. If the doors are locked, try calling 727-481-1189 or knocking on the side window if you are not heard at the door.


We will bring the students to the East side (back side of the Church/Hall) at the end of the day. If, for any reason, you need to pick up early, (please do your best to alert us ahead of time) and come inside. The doors will likely be locked, so knock hard or call 727-481-1189. If all else fails, please knock on the side window.

LUNCH AND SNACKS- Water bottles

We will have lunch at 11:30 each day, however that time may vary slightly. Please do not plan to drop a lunch off. Students should bring in a bag lunch each day and a FULL water bottle. We do not have a water fountain at the facility but we do have running water in the kitchen should they need to fill their water bottles- if you are particular about water intake- I can not guarantee that it is filtered water. You may want to send an extra water bottle for refills with lunch.  We will have two snack breaks. We have a snack cart with $1.00 items.- these are not particularly healthy choices. You must speak to your child or our camp counselor at drop-off if your child has food restrictions. We offer chips, little debs, granola bars, etc, and popsicles.... please explain to your child snack options if you pack them so they understand snack options versus their lunch options. 


Please do not send blankets, stuffed animals, and cozy bedtime comforts. We will not be napping, and we want the students to be in the mindset of whatever we choose to engage them in. We are a high-energy camp. We will have breaks and some downtime to regroup but we don't want to understimulate them :). We expect them to sleep very well for you each night and come back to us refreshed and ready to play hard :) Let us wear them out for you, please!  Throughout the week, students may be invited to bring various things that match our daily themes or activities. Please ask us prior to sending toys, games, etc.


Bring a lunch and snacks and a water bottle.

Devices: Students who have devices may bring them but we will regulate the usage. You may not be able to contact them during the day. There will be times when we lock their things in a room while we are working in a different space. However, we will allow them and request them to use devices for music practice if they have online access to our music links. If you need to reach your child please text me and assure them they can contact you through my cell phone as well. 727-481-1189.


We are requesting students to wear theatre blacks each and every day to camp. What does this mean? This is a term we use to prepare students to be able to change and wear or try on costume pieces. Because we anticipate a hot summer and we also like the uniform look the blacks provide we would like to ask you to send your child in the basics throughout the summer. If you continue in our program, you will find it beneficial to stock up on these basics as we request "theatre blacks" on a regular basis. 

Theatre Blacks required: 

All campers wear your theatre blacks daily!

Theatre blacks are sleeveless tanks (no T-shirts) and fitted shorts (black sports shorts are acceptable, but please wear fitted shorts under so as to easily fit into costumes. Black socks and closed-toed shoes or boots are preferred and required for Into the Woods (Little Mermaid TBD); for all camps, daily shoes must be well-fitted and closed-toed! NO CROCKS, OF FLIP FLOPS ever at camp. Tennis shoes or closed-toed only

the entire day. 


You must wear your theatre blacks under any costume you wear in -or plan to wear of ours. It will be too hot not to be layered for a break or outdoor games!

Join the fun and dress up for our themes or step into one of our costumes on arrival

Monday- Circus day! 

Tuesday- Pirates and Princesses

Wednesday- 50's Sock Hop Fun

Thursday- Movie Stars-Come Red Carpet Ready

Friday- Dress for Talent Showcase

INTO THE WOODS and Campers HOURS. 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


(Rehearsal 10:00 am -4:00 pm- Students will bring a bag lunch)

It is important that all cast members are available throughout all the hours during this two-week camp. *with the exception of our little cow :)  Rehearsal schedules are carefully planned out in detail, with each student depending on the others to be present and available to rehearse and learn all music, staging, and choreography. We will not have time to reteach, and students who are unavailable for any reason may lose opportunities. We also recognize that students may fall ill throughout our short weeks but unfortunately, the show must go on and they may miss opportunities please help us to help them understand it is not a penalty- and we will not be upset or angry and expect the same from them- everyone must understand it is just the way the process works. We can not stop the clock, but we will be kind about adjusting to any and all unexpected disruptions, but unfortunately we most likely will not be able to make up and re-teach or review missed rehearsals- there simply is no time to do so. 



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