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Reminders and quick updates

This page is always under construction and being updated  for your quick reference convenience :)


Cinderella Rags to Riches and Improv

Full Year Class 

*Class continues through May 13th. *No class on April 29th (School House Rock Dress Rehearsal) After the production, students will continue to enjoy learning their craft with various lessons and improvisation games.


Show Choir

Full Year Class

Upcoming events

No class on Tuesday, April 30, due to School House Rock Rehearsal

May 14th Last Class and Parent Performance

We have Princess Costumes, but students are welcome to suggest their own-

All costumes must be approved. 

Students arrive at regular class time. Doors open at 5:00 pm

Dear Show Choir Parents!

Since we have been working on Disney Princess Songs, a few of our parents are putting together a special Magical Princess Potluck Dinner Patty to add to our final performance of the year for friends and family! Please follow the Parent link below to RSVP your friends and family. Dessert and Drinks are being provided. We ask each family to bring their favorite main dish to share—this should be enough to cover the number of people in your party. We also invite you to join in the fun and dress as one of your favorite Disney Characters.


RSVP By May 10

Disney Princess Potluck Sign up!


Final Performance- At the Church

Date: May 14th
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Lake Seminole Presbyterian Church - 8505 113th St, Seminole, FL 33772

Show Choir PErformance Attire



Below are just some examples - so many styles of bright, pretty dresses that flair. You can use more than one bright color as well by adding accessories- sweaters, crop jackets, scarves, etc. Just be sure to avoid tie-dies and patterns.

Pants options: Again, bright colors - No crop tops/no bellies showing



Dull or dark colors- dresses that do not flair, patterns, and prints

Wednesday and Thursday

Schoolhouse Rock Live! JR.


Mahaffey, Here We Come!!


Freshen them up, please! Send students show ready!

Unfortunately, one of the larger schools had to cancel, but the good news for us is that more seats have opened up! BE SURE TO CONTACT KATRINA if you didn't get a reservation or would like to add more seats. Contact her by email ASAP:


Mahaffey Production of School House Rock: TUESDAY, May 7th

We hope you are as excited as we are about the Mahaffey Theatre Production! Please review this very important information to ensure that your child is set up for a positive professional experience that will hold a lifelong memory! It starts with a nice, big, healthy breakfast before arrival! 

BRING NOTHING TO THE MAHAFFEY, but a bottle of water! Students will not be allowed backstage with any items.

 There will be no food, makeup, bags, phones, or anything else but a water bottle and smiles. Drop them off show-ready in full costume and makeup.

If students need to reach you, they can tell us, and we will call you. 


Mahaffey Performance Details

  • Students must be dropped off at 8:30 - show ready -water bottle only! Wear blacks under costumes!

  • Seating: Parents Arrive by 10:30 AM for seating 

  • Performance Time: 11:15 AM

  • Contact Katrina ASAP for additional seating: kyoung@billedwardsfoundationforthearts.or

  • Mahaffey Production: The Mahaffey Performance is free for our Parents If you did not reserve with Katrina and if you do not arrive by 10:30, you can not be guaranteed seating. Ms. Young went out of her way to get us in the building, and she is working things out with a Union Hall House Manager! Please keep in mind that she is dealing with strict and difficult union issues and situations that are completely out of her control—in other words, do not shoot the messenger! We ask that if anything goes wrong and you find yourself in a frustrating situation, please consider our reputation as a group. This is our first show with Class Acts, and we want to do our best to be highly professional and low-maintenance- so that we will be asked back many times over! This show is sponsored under grant requirements to give the Pinellas County School students an opportunity to see a professional quality performance. That being said, please understand that as a parent, you mean the world to us, but the Mahaffey will be placing 100 percent of their priority on the schools, their students, and their teachers. So, please don't leave it to the Mahaffey date to see the show for the first time! Come to the Peacock Center this weekend as well. 

All cast members wear your theatre blacks under your costume!

Remember a black sleeveless tank (no T-shirts) and fitted shorts. Black socks and all-black shoes or black boots. No white rims or logos on the shoes- solid black, well-fitted, and closed-toe!


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