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Preschools in Pinellas County
Invite Sears Studio to bring creative drama to your school!

Transform your preschool into a realm of excitement and joy with our dynamic drama program! Imagine the giggles, the wonder, and the wide-eyed enthusiasm as your students embark on imaginative adventures, bringing stories to life through play and creativity. Beyond the fun, our program is a powerhouse of social development, enhancing communication, teamwork, and empathy. Watch as your little stars shine in roles they've never imagined, building confidence and self-expression. Our experienced drama educators infuse every session with laughter and learning, ensuring a holistic growth experience for your students. Join us in creating an atmosphere where education and exhilaration go hand in hand, sculpting young minds and vibrant personalities ready to take on the world.

How it Works

Weekly Class Sessions

Get ready for an electrifying boost to your students' day! Our highly qualified instructors are thrilled to bring the magic of creativity to your school's doorstep. Every week, a dynamic 30-minute class will sweep your students off their feet, immersing them in a whirlwind of imagination, drama exercises that ignite their passions, rhythmic music that sets their spirits soaring, invigorating movement that unleashes their energy, and captivating storytelling that transports them to new realms of wonder! The class sessions build up to an adorable semester showcase. We're not just nurturing talents; we're igniting a fire of inspiration that will blaze bright in every student every day!


Book Your Time Slots
When you're prepared to set off for an enriching educational experience, don't hesitate to contact us and secure your time slots. Our pricing is a competitive $12.00 per student, with a minimum requirement of 12 students per booking. Feel free to structure the program according to what works best for your school. Class sizes are limited to 15 students, ensuring a focused and interactive learning environment. We are happy to accommodate as many time slots as needed according to our availability.

Payments to Sears Studio

We offer monthly in-person collection, mail, or electronic payment options for your convenience. Contact us with your preferred time slots, and our dedicated team will collaborate with you to curate an exciting program. There are no hidden costume or supply fees. Our accomplished educators are committed to working closely with you to establish optimal performance dates and arrangements. 

Contact Us To Begin the Dramatic Fun!

We are excited to be a part of your loving and nurturing educational environment


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