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Monday : Cinderella 

AT RISE: As the play begins ALL PERFORMERS enter Intro Narrators stand in place Mice and others take chairs.

(Ayden hits the gong)

Donavon: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

Lena: We welcome you one and all!

Jacob: We hope you will Sit back, relax, and enjoy an evening filled with incredible adventure!

Harper:  .. a journey of unparalleled excitement..

Lena: …Extraordinary tale filled Unexpected twists of events…

Gigi:  and Captivating and Soul searching situations…
Alden: A tour-dee-force!
Jacob: A what-dee-what?
Harper: A really cool show!
Lena: Yes! As Shakespeare once said...

Jacob: How do you know what Shakespeare once said?

Lena: (whispering loudly) Mrs. Sears (teacher*) told me.
( All improvising-- she is amazing- she knows so much about theatre stuff- she loves Shakesphere!

Alden- WHAT?!  Ms. Sears is in love!!!….. with Shakespere- GROSS!!

( all laugh)

Donavon- It’s not like that, Alden.

Gigi: Yeah, but, like, is she in love? I mean …like I always wondered…does he have a boyfriend or anything?

Lena- I always wondered that too.– (All join in even the actors on chairs join the center stage and forget where they are--with--Me too! I never seen her boyfriend-  I know she’s not married-…she should get married--- Once I saw her with this guy…)

Donavon: (horrified) Go on, go on- guys on. Lena-  top of page two.. As Shakespeare…

Lena: Oh, yeah.. As Shakespeare once said the play ( pauses distracted)... Oh yeah— you know, you guys--I did once hear Ms. Sears talking about a guy that was…

Donavon: (Mortified.)  Lena!! The play’s the thing!  

Lena: Huh?

Donavon: Shakespeare once said the play’s the thing- stick to the script!

Lena: Oh yeah, Sorry –- Shakespeare once said the play’s the thing!

Donavon: Right! So everyone…  ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!

(chaos as they scramble to places -SOUND CUE #1: Fanfare, into... Mice music.)

Harper: Once upon a time...
Jacob: There were four white mice... (Daniel runs on) – four little white mice and one very tall mouse- (Harper makes him bend his knees, but he pops back up).

(The MICE put on their hats and strike a pose that suggests their personalities. The CHORUS makes sounds with each name to punctuate the personality … the mice don’t say anything- only Sam.- as introduced they Curtsy/bow)

Harper: There was Nibbles (alden)….

Jacob: Squeaky (Lily)…

Haper: Sweetie Pie (Lia)….

Jacob: Nosey (Ayden)… and….and…

Daniel/SAM: ….And Sam.  

Harper: Sam?

Daniel: Yes, Sam

(all question his name and if he should even be there)

Alden: Hey, I worked hard for this spot! You can’t just walk in here and be like- I’m a mouse!

Daniel/Sam: Why not? This is improv!

Harper: Improv with a plan.

Daniel/Sam: That doesn’t make any sense.

Donavon: Ok, so those are the mice… on with the scene!

Harper: Yea, but Sam? What kind of a mouse name is that?

Daniel/Sam Sam I am?

Jacob: Like green eggs and ham Sam? Sam, Sam I am? Really?

Donavon: Yes-It’s fine- he is right this is improv so YES AND him ..and go on! (looks back) Dude! At least bend. Your knees!

Daniel/Sam: Yes, GOING ON-- Listen up guys! (they huddle around him) Something important is going to happen today. Tell ‘em, Nosy.

AIDEN/NOSEY: (Glares at Sam) That was my line…(shakes it off and drops into character) —I was snooping around the kitchen yesterday and heard the servants talking...!

Lily/SQUEAKY: About Cheese!!!? Were they talking about cheese?!!

(All Mice improvise this:  What kind of cheese? I like any kind. You got your Swiss cheese, you got your cheddar...argue over best-fried cheese, cheese sticks, mozzarella …ect Jack cheese)

Ayden/NOSEY Listen- Listen! There’s going to be a ball!

Lia/SWEATY PIE and Lily/SQUEAKY: Oh, no! I need a fresh manicure! And, and, I have to wax my whiskers!  Lily: And, and oh my highlights! I haven’t done my hair in ages! Lia: I should whiten my teeth.

Alden/NIBBLES: I should take a take bath.

EVERYONE:  Yes!!  Please!

NIBBLES/Alden: (smells himself and shrugs) Are they serving Mac and Cheese? Cuz if there is Mac and Cheese I’m all in!

(all get excited about Mac and Cheese and other possible cheese treats)

SAM/DANIEL: Spoiler Alert! YOUR MICE! None of you knuckle-brains are invited!

(They groan and pout.)

NOSY: Anyhow, It’s being given by King Grumble-Knees, … And his son...




 (All the girls on stage are unimpressed-- I don’t’ know he’s not that charming- he’s lacking something He just not very buff, right..The audience will never believe it… he’s just so…

PRINCE CHARMING: Pretend I’m … I don’t know… Timothee Chalamet

(All the girls instantly faint—)

Guys: Oh come on, ladies really…

Daniel/SAM: Anyhow … all the young ladies in the kingdom will be there to meet the Prince.

Ayden:/Nosey And they will all get to dance with him..

Squeaky/Lily: and get the chance to fall in love…

Sweetie Pie: and to get married!

Alden: Ms. Sears should go!

(everyone laughs)-

Ms. Sears—Oh my gosh you guys… PLEASE just stick to your scripts! (all argue back- You said we could improvise!!) LIA top of page 5!

SWEETIE-PIE: page 5? - Cinderelly is so beautiful. The Prince will want to marry her for sure...

SQUEAKY/Lily: Mean Old Snaggle-Bones, will never let Cinderelly go to the ball!!

NIBBLES: Why not?

Nosey: Because Cinderelly has nothing to wear!

(ALL gasp.) including chorus – Nothing to wear!!!

SWEETIE-PIE: No party dress! (Chorus – No, no party dress)

 Squeeky: No dainty gloves. (No, no dainty gloves)

NIBBLES: No satin slippers? (No, no satin slippers)

Sweety Pie: Nothing but rags? (Nothing, Nothing but rags!)

Daniel/SAM: It’s a crime the way they work that poor girl to the bone!

NOSY: Wait! (sniffs the air) I smell something! Cinderelly, here she comes! Hide!! (They all hide behind the narrators)

(CINDERELLA puts on her apron and grabs a broom. She enters, seeing the MICE.

CINDERELLA: Well, where could my little friends be today?  (we hear mice giggles) I hear you! Oh now, come where I can see you! (they run out to her) There you are, my little friends! (She pats their heads, and they happily greet her.)

ALL MICE: Cinderelly, Cinderelly!! Hello, good morning! Good morning, Cinderelly.

SQUEAKY: (Pulls flowers from his sleeves.) I picked these for you, Cinderelly.

Harper/CINDERELLA: Wait!  Do they have to call me Cinderelly?  Cinderelly sounds so babyish…

Donavon: They are mice! Just say the line, Harper!

Cinderella: Ok-Fine- You picked flowers for me? Why, they’re lovely!

Nosey: I swiped some cheese for you. I hope It’s not too moldy.

CINDERELLA: Thank you, Nosey. But you should put this back where you found it. It’s not right to take things that don’t belong to you.

Nosey: If you say so, Cinderella.

CINDERELLA: Oh, you called me Cinderella!

Nosey/Alden: Yeah, I agree it feels weird. I mean I'm practically a grown man, and I’m playing a mouse -it’s bad enough.

Donavon: Oh my gosh! Stick to the story! Go on!!

Cinderella: Ok, Ok! It’s such a lovely day; smell that spring air! I was hoping we might all go for a walk but...

(GRETA SNAGGLE-BONES calls from where she is sitting. She rings a bell, calling for her tea. She goes upstage to get her hat, then marches in.)


(All freeze in fear)

Jacob/ Narrator: Greta Snaggle-Bones also known in the classical versions simply as the Wicked Stepmother- was horribly jealous of Cinderella’s beauty! She was not at all beautiful!

Lena- Wait- Hold on, wait a minute- how come this is the first I’m hearing this? So I’m ugly? Ms. Sears are you saying I’m ugly?

Donavon—It’s a play, Lena. Ms. Sears gave you the part because You’re funny!

Jacob: Funny Looking..

All (all but Gigi:  shout together) JACOB STOP! (Gigi Cracks up)

Jacob- What are you laughing at?

Gigi “Jacob stop”—that’s Ms. Sears’ line

Ms. Sears- Guys Please…

Jacob- Well, its’ true- you do say that a lot… and honestly guys, it’s the ugly stepsisters I’d be worried about.. those are the ugly students…

Ms. Sears- Jacob stop!

Jacob- see…

Ms. Sears Go…

Jacob- You said stop!

Ms. Sears: Go, go on with the Play! Jacob- it’s your line- Snaggle bones entered..

Jacob: Snaggle Bones entered the room, and mice scurried away.

MICE: scurry, scurry, scurry! (They run behind the narrators)

(SNAGGLE-BONES enters with the stepsisters.)  

SNAGGLE-BONES: There you are, Cinderella! You lazy girl! (She looks behind her) Speaking of girls… Where are my darling girls. Girls!!! (step sisters enter excited talking about the ball--- Bella bomb passes cindy and fake trips!)

Gigi/Bella Bomb: Did you see that, mother? She tripped me!

CINDERELLA: No I didn’t! I would never do that!

Teresa/LULU: You did so, I saw you.

CINDERELLA: But it’s not true.

SNAGGLE-BONES: How can anybody think around here without any tea???

CINDERELLA: But I served you tea just ten minutes ago...

SNAGGLE-BONES: And I drank it!!!

CINDERELLA: I beg your pardon, stepmother. I’ll go and get another now.

Gig/BELLA-BOMB: And don’t forget my silk blouse needs to be ironed!

Teresa/LULU-LOLLY: And my leather pumps need to be polished!

Lena/SNAGGLE-BONES: And don’t lolly-gag, Cinderella. (she exits)

Gigi/BELLA BOMB: Yeah Cinderella don’t be a lolly gagger!

Teresa/LULU: What’s a lolly gagger?

BELLA-BOMB- I don’t know why don’t you look it up?

Teresa LULU: Why don’t you look it up?

Gigi/BELLA- BOMB- That’s Cindersmellas job!

Both:  Cindasmella look up up lolly Gagging!

Harper: Cindersmella? Are they allowed to call me that?!

Gigi: It’s improv! (high fives Teresa and they run off- Harper humphs and pouts off behind them)

( MICE sadly watch her go).

SQUEAKY: Poor Cinderelly.

NIBBLES: No fair she has so many chores.

SAM: We better go help her.
(MICE agree and scurry off --to sit down.)

JACOB: In the meantime Snagglebones prepared her daughters for the ball.

 SNAGGLE-BONES puts a book on each of her daughters’ heads.)

SNAGGLE-BONES: Posture, girls! Posture! You’ll never get married slouching around the way you do!

ALDEN: Whispers loudly: Yeah, look at Mrs Sears?

(Ms. Sears sits up quickly)

Donavon: Alden, you have to stop interrupting. We are putting on a play!

JACOB: Meanwhile, as the ladies prepared for the ball, up at the castle...King Grumble-Knees...

(SOUND CUE #2: Fanfare.
KING GRUMBLE-KNEES enters, SNITWICK  bumbling behind him.)

ALDEN- No fair! He gets two parts

JACOB: It’s a weird play. We are all playing a bunch of parts.

Daniel/ KING GRUMBLE: It’s not weird. It is a chosen style! Just introduce us please.

JACOB: Fine. King Grumble Knees and his assistant … who both looked a lot like overgrown mice— had a problem…

Daniel/KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: I won’t have it! I say! It’s high time the boy is married!

Ayden/SNITWICK: But your Highness, we’ve introduced the Prince to hundreds of beautiful ladies. Not one of them seems to measure up...

Daniel/KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: Cockle bells and horse patoots! There must be someone. I need grandchildren, Snitwick! The kingdom needs an heir! And also...

SNITWICK: And also sir?

KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: (Whimpers.) I’m all alone. I need the pitter-patter of little feet. A little wookie-snookie grandson to tuck in at night... (KING GRUMBLE-KNEES weeps on SNITWICK’s shoulder.)

SNITWICK: There, there, sir. I’m sure the ball this evening will lift your spirits.

KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: (suddenly Recovers) That’s it!


KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: Of course! Why didn’t I think of this before? I want every maiden in the kingdom here tonight in my castle.

SNITWICK: Sir, that’s a lot of ladies.

KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: Every single one, I tell you! Round ‘em up! Cart em in! That goggle-brained kid of mine is bound to fall in love with one of ‘em!

SNITWICK: But sir...

KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: Don’t “But sir “me! My mind’s made up!

(KING GRUMBLE-KNEES marches off, SNITWICK bumbles after him, exit. SNAGGLE-BONES, BELLA-BOMB, LULU-LOLLY enter as Donovon speaks.)

DONAVON: Meanwhile, back at the Snaggle-Bones residence...

(SOUND CUE #3: Strolling.
SNAGGLE-BONES uses a stick/baton to conduct the girls’ singing.. CINDERELLA carries a bucket and rag, she scrubs the floor.)

SNAGGLE-BONES: Alright girls, all together now, girls. SNAGGLE-BONES, BELLA-BOMB, LULU-LOLLY: (Singing.) Twinkle twinkle little star.

(They sing horribly. ALL PERFORMERS not on stage can react to the sour notes. SNITWICK hits the gong/ knocks on the door.

SNAGGLE-BONES: Cinderella Get that! Tell whoever it is that we are busy with our music lessons and cannot be disturbed. Proceed, girls.

(They go back to singing. CINDERELLA goes to the door. SNITWICK speaks to her but can’t be heard over the singing. CINDERELLA runs to the singers to tell the news.)

CINDERELLA: I beg your pardon ma’am.

SNAGGLE-BONES: Not now, Cinderella.

CINDERELLA: But ma’am, I’m sure you’d like to hear what this gentleman has to say.

SNITWICK: Good afternoon, ladies.
SNAGGLE-BONES: This better be good.
SNITWICK: I represent none other than King Grumble-knees himself!

(The LADIES gasp and fall to their knees.)

SNITWICK: The King requests your presence, madam and ladies, at this evening’s ball at the royal palace. Cocktails and munchies at seven sharp with pomp and grandeur to follow. Your answer?

SNAGGLE-BONES: We’ll be there! Of course!

SNITWICK: So we can expect four of you then?

SNAGGLE-BONES: Four? Oh! (She giggles) Cinderella can’t go!

SNITWICK: The King has requested the presence of every unmarried lady in the kingdom.

SNAGGLE-BONES: (laughing) But she’s nothing but a servant girl!

CINDERELLA:  She’s right I can’t go. I have nothing to wear.

SNITWICK: Nothing to wear? No party dress!

SNAGGLE AND SISTERS: – No, no party dress.

 SNITWICK: No dainty gloves.

SNAGGLE AND SISTERS: No, no dainty gloves

SNITWICK: No satin slippers?

SNAGGLE AND SISTERS: No, no satin slippers

SNITWICK: Nothing but rags?

SNAGGLE AND SISTERS: Nothing, Nothing but rags!

SNITWICK: Well, perhaps one of you ladies could lend her a gown? (he exits)

(there is a moment of silence-- all crack up)

 BELLA-BOMB: Cindersmella in one of my gowns?

LULU-LOLLY: She’s only one in the kingdom who looks good in rags –

 BELLA BOMB—Right! Why would she ever wear a gown? She rocks those rags!

SNAGGLE-BONES: Hurry girls, hurry. There isn’t a moment to lose!

BELLA-BOMB: I’m wearing the tiara!

LULU-LOLLY: Then I get the pearl necklace!

BELLA-BOMB: NO!! (they exit fighting)

SNAGGLE-BONES: Cinderella finish scrubbing the floors! Honestly, does it have to take all day?

SOUND CUE #4: Sad music.

(CINDERELLA scrubs but soon begins to cry. MICE creep in and stand around her.)

SQUEAKY: Poor Cinderelly.

CINDERELLA: Oh, don’t worry about me, I’m all right.

NIBBLES: If you ask me -those three are no good.


Nibbles: Smelly!

SQUEAKY: Just plain rotten to the core.

CINDERELLA: (Smiling, sadly.) Oh, you shouldn’t say that. They really don’t know how to be anything else.

SWEETIE PIE: You’re too nice to them Cinderelly. 

CINDERELLA: That’s the only way I know how to be. Run along now. I have work to do.

(MICE exit. CINDERELLA scrubs, sadly. SNAGGLE-BONES calls from offstage.

SNAGGLE-BONES: (Calling.) Cinderella! We need help up here!

 CINDERELLA: Coming ma’am!

(Donavon and Lia have an argument upstage- she leaves and he grabs Jacob and hands him the magic wand-Jacob looks and confused)

Narrator: The clock struck half past six and The royal carriage arrived... Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters got in... And they were whisked away to the ball.

(SOUND CUE #5: Sad music, into... Magic wand, into... Tinkly chimes.

CINDERELLA runs to the bench, buries her head in her arms and cries. Donavan throws Jacob toward

Jacob FAIRY GODfather: (Waving her wand.) Crusty and Musty and smelly too- what the heck happened to you?

CINDERELLA: (Amazed.) Who are you?

FAIRY GODMOTHER: I’m your Fairy God…father.

CINDERELLA: FAIRY Godfather?- is that a thing?

Jacob: it is now. YES.. AND..

CINDERELLA (looks over at Donavon)YES AND.. But where did you come from? And where is Lia? (To Donavon) isn’t Lia supposed to play the Godmother

JACOB: Ya, but she had to go to the bathroom.

CINDERELLA: But why…(looks to Donavon again who is waving her on) …why  have I never seen you before?

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Because you didn’t need to. You were getting along very well without me.

CINDERELLA: But why have you come? And ……is Lia coming back?

Jacob: I hope so because I am living my worst nightmare!

Donavon: Just try to be like Lia!

Jacob (he goes into a girly voice and sticks with it)  Fiddlee fee and Golly Gee– it’s just so tragic you have lost your magic!


Jacob/FAIRY GODMOTHER: Yes. You always believed in it before. But you don’t anymore. So Here I am to make you believe again.


FAIRY GODMOTHER: (drops character and addresses her like she is stupid) Believe in the magic, believe in your dreams.

Donavon: (whispers) Like Lia!

Jacob: Is she still in the bathroom? How long is she gonna take in there?

Donavon: I don’t know! Just act (gestures la la la)

Jacob/FAIRY GODFATHER: A dream is a wish you make

CINDERELLA: Oh Fairy Godmother- father? , I dream of going to the ball! But I cant!

Lia jumps in FAIRY GODMOTHER: Well, snippety, snappety drat! I say buttered noodles to that! (takes the wand and flips her wand at Jacob) …and off with you SCATT SCATT

JACOB: Oh, thank you sweet gods of the theatre!

Lia/Godmother: Don’t mind him darling, you know how it is, when nature calls… now where were we. Oh yes you- the ball!  A prince awaits- so lets go!


CINDERELLA: But I don’t have a dress.

Lia/FAIRY GODMOTHER: (gasps) No party dress! (Chorus – No, no party dress)

 No dainty gloves? (No, no dainty gloves) No satin slippers? (No, no satin slippers)

Nothing but rags? (Nothing, Nothing but rags!)

Lia/FAIRY GODMOTHER: (Makes magical gesture.) Well titily too and look at you --you’re a different kind of blue! (FAIRY GODMOTHER closes her eyes and throws the wand in CINDERELLA’S direction. She opens her eyes, nothing’s happened.) That’s funny. It didn’t work. (Clears her throat awkwardly To the cast.) A little help here! Tittly too and are a different kind of blue!! JACOB- you are supposed to bring the cape!!!

Jacob: I don’t know my part anymore!! (he grabs a cape and twirls it to CINDERELLA reacts and twirls)

LIA/GODMOTHER: OH Goosey Twos…every great dress should have great shoes—bibbity bobbity boo—those will do!  (FAIRY GODMOTHER looks at CINDERELLA’S feet.) Splendid!

CINDERELLA: But I don’t see anything.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Fibber Magee Whats to see- Don’t be a Sass- they’re made of glass! Next to get you to the marriage, you’ll certainly need a carriage. Chug a lug what was once a thug – we will give a tug! (she grabs Jacob) You will do for a carriage!

Jacob: Not me! I have a bad back!

Donavon: Jacob just do your part!

Jacob: I’m a carriage?

Gigi: (steps up)- Come on, dude--Follow along! It’s right here in the script!

Jacob: I have had too many absences!

Donavon: Nevermind! I’ll do it. (He “carriage crawls”)

(SOUND CUE # 6: Magic wand.)

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Bibbileee boo! !

( CINDERELLA opens her eyes and “sees” carriage.)

CINDERELLA: (Amazed, catching her breath.) Oh, it’s beautiful!

FAIRY GODMOTHER: (Winking.) See what dreams can do?! One more thing, please. Does anyone have a piece of cheese?*

Gigi: (runs up and hands her a cheese stick- she gives her an odd look) it’s a cheese stick! I always have one for my snack.

FAIRY GODMOTHER (Waving cheesestick in the air) Come out Come out wherever you are--works everytime.

(MICE enter following their noses.)

NIBBLES: Do you smell that?

SQUEAKY: I do! I do! I smell something tasty...

NIBBLES: Something cheddar, definitely white cheddar...

SQEAKY: Hey, hey! Fairy Godmother! Are you inviting us to dinner?

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Not yet. (She pockets the cheese, MICE groan.”) First, I need you to do a little something for Cinderella.

 SQUEAKY AND NIBBLES: For Cinderella? Anything!

(FAIRY GODMOTHER whispers in Squeaky and Nibbles ear.)

SQUEAKY: At your service, Fairy Godmother!

NIBBLES: At your service!

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Believe in the magic my mousy friends! (SOUND CUE #7: Magic wand, into... Tinkly chimes.) A ring and a ling-a ding-dong ding!

( MICE stand in pairs, They begin to whinny loudly and paw the ground.)

CINDERELLA: Why they’re beautiful! Fairy Godmother, how can I ever thank you?

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Dreams don’t last forever, dear. And this one ends at midnight. You must be home by then. Because at the stroke of midnight, all of this turns back into rodents and squash.

CINDERELLA: I promise!

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Now Go! Go! (Waving her wand.) A ring and a ling-a-ding—dong-ding. (FAIRY GODMOTHER exits blowing her kisses.)

(Donavon starts to crawl away- Harper complains)—

Donavon- you are killing me...

GIGI: The carriage took Cinderella to a beautiful palace... (SOUND CUE #8: CINDERELLA steps from “carriage” and looks around. MICE exit.)  Cinderella could hardly believe her eyes…the palace was beautiful! Wait who is playing the fancy ladies!

Lia and Lily:  WE got this!

Alden: Hey what about me?

Lia: Fine come on—(they throw him a scarf)

Alden: YES!!!

FANCY LADIES: Ooh! Ah! (looking all around)

Lily/MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Have you ever seen anything like it?

Alden/MISS PEEPER: Not in all my livin’ days

Lia/MISS FUSS-POT: Look! Here comes the King!

(Ayden/SNITWIT enters, full of excitement.)

Ayden/SNITWIT: Ladies and Gentlemen! It is my honor to present to you... King Grumble–knees!

(KING GRUMBLE-KNEES enters, ALL PERFORMERS stand and bow. They applaud as he walks around the playing area, acknowledging his subjects.)

Ayden/SNITWIT: ...And the Prince! Known affectionately by his subjects as... Prince Charming!  (GONG)

Ayden/SNITWIT bows as he gestures to the door. PRINCE enters, strikes

PRINCE CHARMING: Thank you. Thank you.. thank you very much

KING GRUMBLE-KNEES: On with the show, Snitwit, on with the show! You’re going to like this, son!

(KING GRUMBLE-KNEES and PRINCE sit. FANCY LADIES are all a flutter, giggling in excitement.)

Ayden/SNITWIT: Introducing Miss Hooty-Toot!

(MISS HOOTY-TOOT walks down the center of the playing. Her hat hobbles on her head and her efforts to look sophisticated make her look daffy. She stumbles toward the PRINCE.)

Lia/MISS HOOTY-TOOT: Such a pleasure, your majesty.
(She extends her hand to be shaken but the PRINCE kisses it, which sends her into swoons.)

Ayden/SNITWIT: Miss Fuss Pots!

(Fuss Pots wears glasses that slip down her nose, She is nearly blind. She feels her way toward the PRINCE.)

Lia/Fuss Pots: Pleased to meet ‘cha! (PRINCE kisses her hand. Fuss Pots giggles and runs to other LADIES showing them her hand.) I’ll never wash it again!

(PRINCE yawns.)

Narrator: The introductions lasted for hours. Cinderella was afraid they would never get to her...

(SNAGGLE-BONES enters, barging in with LULU-LOLLY and BELLA- BOMB behind her. They push the FANCY LADIES aside.)

SNAGGLE-BONES: What’s the hold up here? My girls have been waiting for hours!

(CINDERELLA runs to hide when she sees SNAGGLE-BONES and stepsisters. PRINCE sees her as she runs past him.)

BELLA-BOMB: I’ve got corns!

 LULU-LOLLY: And I’ve got bunions!

SNAGGLE-BONES: My girls can’t be expected to wait...

(SNAGGLE-BONES continues to haggle with Ayden/SNITWIT in the background as PRINCE approaches CINDERELLA. After the PRINCE begins speaking, SNAGGLE-BONES, STEPSISTERS, Ayden/SNITWIT exit.)

PRINCE: Whoa! Where’s the fire?

CINDERELLA: (Curtseys deeply.) Your highness!

PRINCE: (Helping her up.) What are you running from?

CINDERELLA: My stepmother and stepsisters. They will be furious if they see me here.

PRINCE: Forget about them. May I have this dance?

CINDERELLA: But the dance floor is inside. There’s no music out here. PRINCE: We’ll make our own music.

(SOUND CUE #9: Magical waltz, into... Clock chimes.
They waltz around the playing area as CHORUS narrates.

Narrator Cinderella couldn’t believe it. She danced with the Prince all night. It was just like the Fairy Godmother told her...But when the clock struck twelve...

(CHORUS rings bell [dinner bell].)

CINDERELLA: Oh no! I must go!

PRINCE: But why?

CINDERELLA: I can’t explain... Please, I must go!

 PRINCE: Wait!

(CINDERELLA runs, PRINCE stands amazed.)

PRINCE: Please don’t go!

LILY: Cinderella ran away so fast...

(CINDERELLA exits, leaving a shoe behind. PRINCE picks up a “shoe”.)

PRINCE: A glass slipper.

Narrator: She didn’t even notice that she’d left her shoe behind. The Prince made a royal proclamation!

PRINCE: Find her!

(SNITWICK rushes in.)

PRINCE: Find the owner of this shoe! Whatever lady fits this slipper shall become my wife!

SNITWICK: Your wish is our command! (PRINCE  and SNITWICK exit.)

Narrator: The next morning...
(CINDERELLA runs in and kneels at the bench as before. She is crying with her head buried in her arms. MICE enter and see her.)

SQUEAKY: Don’t cry, Cinderelly.

Nibbles: It’s not so bad.

SWEETIE-PIE: It was such a lovely night

CINDERELLA: (Drying her eyes.) I should be thankful for that, I guess.

SQUEAKY: We might not be your white horses...

Nibbles: but we will always be your friends!

(SNAGGLE-BONES screams from off stage and MICE scramble, exiting.)

SNAGGLE-BONES: GIRLS!!! GIRLS!!!! HURRY UP!!! (LULU-LOLLY & BELLA-BOMB enter, running, out of breath.)

SNAGGLE-BONES: There’s a caller from the King!!!

LULU-LOLLY: I knew the Prince would choose me!

BELLA-BOMB: You? You’re daft! The Prince has chosen me!

SNAGGLE-BONES: Girls! Be quiet! And don’t forget your posture! Cinderella, answer the door!

(CINDERELLA goes to “door”. CHORUS makes “knocks”. SNITWICK enters-carries a pillow with the “shoe” upon it.)

Ayden/SNITWIT: The Prince has ordered that every lady that was at the ball last night try on this shoe. If the shoe fits, the Prince will make you his bride.


SNAGGLE-BONES: Well what are you waiting for Bella-Bomb? Try on the shoe!

BELLA-BOMB: (To LULU-LOLLY.) I’m sure it fits me to a tea.
(BELLA-BOMB throws off her shoe and sits, SNITWICK kneels at her feet. She struggles to fit her foot inside the shoe. It doesn’t fit.)

SNAGGLE-BONES: Lulu-lolly! I command you to fit your foot in that shoe this very instant!

(LULU-LOLLY gives BELLA-BOMB a smug look, sits. She tries to fit her foot in. It doesn’t fit.)

SNAGGLE-BONES: Let me at that!  


(SNAGGLE-BONES kneels, knocks SNITWICK away and shoves LULU- LOLLY’s foot in the shoe.)

Push, girl, push! LULU-LOLLY: I am!

SNAGGLE-BONES: Push harder!!
LULU-LOLLY: (To SNITWICK.) It fits! See? It’s just a little tight is all.

(The shoe dangles from her toe. SNAGGLE-BONES groans and falls from exhaustion. CINDERELLA speaks up quietly.)

CINDERELLA: May I try it on?


BELLA-BOMB: You think you can fit the slipper?

SNAGGLE-BONES: (Laughing.) That’ll be the day!

(SNITWICK gestures for CINDERELLA to take a seat. She sits.)


(CINDERELLA puts her foot to the shoe. SOUND CUE #10: Shoe Magic.

The shoe fits and ALL gasp! [This can include all PERFORMERS who are not on stage.] SNAGGLE-BONES and STEPSISTERS are agog, falling all over themselves, amazed. SNITWICK stands.)


(SNITWICK falls to a bow. Then ALL PERFORMERS bow. SNAGGLE- BONES has to slap at the STEPSISTERS to get them to bow. PRINCE enters.)

PRINCE: Cinderella. Will you marry me?
(PRINCE also falls to one knee to ask her hand.)  

CINDERELLA: Yes, my prince. I will marry you.
The CHORUS begins to narrate as the STEPSISTERS, SNAGGLE- BONES stand by, awkward and amazed.)

NARRATOR: There was a lovely wedding in the royal chapel. (KING enters, sees PRINCE and CINDERELLA.)

KING: By golly-whoppers! This is just what I had in mind!

PRINCE: May I have this dance?

(PRINCE takes her hand and leads her to dance.

NARRATORS: Cinderella became a Princess...: And she was adored by all her subjects.

CINDERELLA: (Giggles.) But this isn’t a ball. There is no music.

PRINCE: Then we shall have to make our own.

(SOUND CUE #11: Magical waltz finale.
PRINCE and CINDERELLA waltz freely around playing area. SNITWICK enters with a trays of cookies.)

NARRATOR: She forgave her stepmother and stepsisters...

SNAGGLE-BONES, LULU-LOLLY & BELLA-BOMB: Thank you, your majesty.

(ALL MICE enter.)


SNITWICK: (Offering his tray.) Cookies?

NARRATOR: And all the mice were invited to the wedding supper!

NIBBLES: They served milk and cookies!
ALL MICE: (Removing their caps.) Thank you Cinderelly!

NARRATOR: Even her Narrators were invited!
(They throw up their notebooks and soft props yelp!)

CHORUS: Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!!
(FAIRY GODMOTHER enters and waves her wand. Everyone freezes mid-cheer.)
FAIRY GODMOTHER: (To audience.) And they all lived happily ever after!

(She “unfreezes” them.)

ALL: Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!

(ALL PERFORMERS stand and bow. As the music plays PRINCE dances with each CINDERELLA as they enter one by one. SNITWICK and SEZ- SO offer cookies, real or imagined, to ALL and audience. After a while everyone pairs off and dances the waltz, any restless audience members may join in.)




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